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Vision Therapy: New On-Site Clinic with Excel Neuro-Optometric

Special Tree is pleased to announce an expanded service at our Special Tree NeuroCare Campus, a dedicated Neuro-Optometric clinic in the south wing of our building which officially launched this summer.
Many of you know Dr. Danna Haba, O.D., FCOVD, and the wonderful work she has done as our longtime consultant in vision and neuro-optometry. The Excel Neuro-Optometric rehabilitation clinic led by Dr. Haba (based in Shelby Charter Township) is now offering services of optometric vision therapy and optometric phototherapy at a satellite clinic located within Special Tree in Romulus.
The Excel team includes three excellent optometrists: Dr. Danna Haba and Dr. Aaron Nichols are board certified in vision therapy and residency trained in neuro-optometric rehabilitation and vision therapy, respectively. This summer they welcome Dr. Damien Gietzen who has excellent training in acquired brain injury in addition to traumatic brain injury. The doctors are looking forward to helping as many patients as possible and to providing much-needed vision services for those in need.
Many patients with traumatic brain injury sustain visual dysfunction, notably convergence insufficiency, visual tracking issues, focusing issues, visual midline shifts and balance abnormalities. Excel has been offering vision rehabilitation services for over thirty years and helped thousands of patients, including many Special Tree patients. With this expansion, Excel can be accessible to more clinics, and help with the multidisciplinary approach that many patients need following TBI. The expansion into Special Tree has helped many patients and providers see the benefit of adding optometric vision therapy to overall care of TBI patients.
These services include, but are not limited to, use of prisms (to alleviate double vision and postural restoration), tints (to help with photophobia and visual snow), optometric phototherapy (to help with imbalances of the autonomic nervous system), and optometric vision therapy (to help retrain the brain via neuroplasticity to be used more efficiently and effectively).
We're thrilled that Special Tree patients will have close proximity to the clinic for enhanced, on-site vision services throughout the rehabilitation process, and for the Excel team to have even greater involvement with our interdisciplinary care team. 

For information about vision therapy at Special Tree, please contact Jack Richert at 734-893-1046.

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