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Visitor Restrictions Continue

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we continue efforts to keep our clients and staff safe from COVID-19 and to provide good care and rehabilitation as we do so.

Visitor Restrictions Continue

Governor Whitmer issued a new Executive Order 2020-156 yesterday which extends visitor restrictions at long term care facilities to August 31, 2020. This includes the NeuroCare Campus (NCC) and all of our Community Residential homes. We are actively planning for how we will safely welcome visitors back when restrictions are lifted.

Check for the Latest Data

We continue to track all pending and active cases within the Special Tree Rehabilitation System. Be sure to check frequently to stay informed. This week, we had 3 Residential staff and 3 Residential clients test positive for COVID-19, including 2 staff and 2 clients at Tyler 2, one client at Williams, and one staff at Webster Court. Due to the increase in cases, the COVID-team has established new post-exposure protocols specific to our Residential homes.

Here are the latest updates:

  • Post-exposure safety protocols for our Residential homes are in place at Tyler Circle, Williams, Webster Court, Cottage, and Westwoods which includes in-room quarantines, full PPE usage, and suspension of all activities and therapy services.
  • We’re happy to report that during our fourth round of weekly testing at NCC, no NCC staff or clients have tested positive for COVID-19. Mandatory testing of all NCC clients and staff will continue every Monday until will have no new positive cases at NCC for 28 consecutive days.
  • The Heavlin Residence is scheduled to reopen on Monday, July 27th! Clients will be screened at the residence and plans are in place for them to safely access the inpatient therapy clinic. 
  • Wayne Outpatient Therapy resumed on Monday, July 20th for Outpatient clients only. Therapy services are temporarily on hold until at least Monday, August 3rd for all Wayne Residential clients due to current post-exposure protocols.
  • There are no active cases of COVID-19 at the Saginaw Outpatient Clinic, however the COVID-19 team activated safety protocols due to a potential exposure from the parent of a client who tested positive and was in the facility. All staff and clients were notified of the exposure and need for testing. The client can participate in therapy services once their COVID-19 status is confirmed.
  • Leaves of Absence (LOAs) for Residential clients will be subject to travel screening questions so clients and their families are aware of the exposure risks.
  • Due to visitor restrictions, Oakland/Macomb and Wayne DTS programs for Residential clients remain on hold at least through August 31st.
  • Wayne IOC is scheduled to reopen on Monday, July 27th for Outpatient clients in Wayne County. Only staff and clients with a confirmed negative COVID-19 status will be allowed in the facility.
  • Test results are still pending for the potential exposure case at Troy Neuro Skills Center with a student in the Discover Summer program. The COVID-19 team determined the transmission risk was very low, but activated safety protocols which require confirmation of the student's COVID-19 test result before participating in the program.
  • We are aggressively managing our supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and following best practices for disinfecting and cleaning our facilities.